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percent pretty much fullspeed here getting back as quick as wecan exploding from Center and gettingaway from that rush Sid hike after ourQB drop drill we’re going to warm upthat arm with our three level warm-upten throws at each level equaling throws that’s what the champion warm-upconsists of the first five throws willbe facing your target at about to yards working toe up toe down reallyrotating the trunk hitting your targetin the notesafter throws one two five doing toe uptoe down throws five to ten the nextfive throws of level one will simply bestep and throw you can face your targetstep with your toe towards your anypoint and throw any fear targets notes[Applause]after level one we’re going to move tolevel two which goes from ten yards toabout yards our first five throws onlevel two are going to be bouncing inthe pocketthrowing the ball with a little touchover the linebackersfinishing up our last five throes oflevel two we’re going to do the samepuck work bouncing in the back of thepocket but now we’re gonna fire itreally showing that armfinishing up our three level warm-upwe’re gonna back.